Cycling Wanganui - Velodrome

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Club license:

Enables rider to train on track all year round plus compete in club competitions. (Road and Track)

Entry Fee for Thursday Night Racing is $3.00 - Under 17 $2.00

$10.00 Training fee for riders who do not hold a Wanganui Club License.

Entry fees:

Club competitions - (THURSDAY)$3.00
Under 17 $2.00

Open carnivals
Covers whole programme of races
Senior, Junior, Vet, Women$10.00
Under 17 $5.00

Prize money paid each carnival

Club bike hire

Maintenance provided by the person who has hired the bike.
Introduction casual hire rate $5.00 per session

Centre record attempts$50.00
NZ record attempts$200.00 (50% to Cooks Gardens Trust Board)
Squad campsHireage $250.00 per day

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